Be sure the torrents you're downloading are safe


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With the huge number of organizations nowadays dedicated to tracing and eliminating online piracy, users ought to take special care when downloading things off the Internet due to issue of copyright. You can be fined or even serve jail time depending in large part on how much you download and how lucky you are. Most of the time you download torrents that aren't under surveillance, but what if you're unlucky and pick a file that's being watched by an anti-P2P company? TorrentTags is a tool that will guarantee you can keep downloading with no problems.

With this tool, it will only take seconds to check and make sure the file you want to download is not under some type of special security. When you are about to download the file, before sending it to uTorrent, send it to TorrentTags to get scanned. If there are no problems, you'll see a green light indicating that it's free of surveillance, while a red one tells you to stay away from that file. The application itself recommends that you scan torrents periodically, since a file that's safe to download today might not be tomorrow.

When TorrentTags lets you know that a torrent is unsafe to download, it provides detailed info on the company doing the surveillance and since when – as well as which file types are restricted, specifying if it's just a movie file or if it also includes pictures, the movie poster, or the synopsis, for example. This information will give you some idea about which future downloads could be sensitive.

TorrentTags uses information from the Chilling Effects database to offer details on all the torrents that users and companies report each day to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The program's aim is to reduce online piracy and if your intention is to collaborate with that goal, you can use it to access free works that do not violate any author's rights.
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